Ticketaps, Theme Park Tickets and Access Automation Program continues to be the first choice of the world’s leading themes and amusement parks’ brands, as well as culture-arts and sports areas. This state-of-art technology is used to manage reservations, ticket sales, payments, automatic entries, CRM and membership activities. One of the most important attractions of the Antalya region, and Turkey on the whole, the Land of Legends Theme Park took its place among the brands using Ticketaps Theme Park software technology.

Ticketaps Theme Park Software can function as both B2B and B2C. In other words, ticket sales can be made both at the box office, on the Internet from The Land of Legends web page (B2C) and through partner travel agencies and intermediaries using B2B module. All these channels work in an integrated structure. Thanks to Ticketaps Ticket Automation, Land of Legends’ visitors can now reserve and pay their entrance tickets online and by reading the barcode coming to the mobile phone in the turnstile area, they can enter without waiting in the queue. Online payment system and virtual POS connections are included in the automation, allowing for secure payments over the internet and automatic transfer of fees to The Land Of Legends’ bank accounts. With the e-wallet application in Ticketaps, the use of cash in theme park is eliminated.

Ticket purchases and seat reservations for the activity areas and toys can be carried out online through computers or any mobile device. Thanks to the mobile application, announcements and activities can be instantly followed and used in Theme Park.

Ticketaps Theme Park Automation System also includes a comprehensive CRM system including collection and use of points, promotion and campaign management, bulk SMS and e-mail sending. All the purchase made by the visitor who is a member of the CRM system is accumulated in his profile. Automatically earned points from each ticket purchase can be used for new ones. With online surveys, opinions and reviews of the visitors can be taken instantly.

Land of Legends is an astonishing facility, attracting thousands of visitors every year. It is a real entertainment and shopping paradise built on 800 thousand square meters, with more than 70 water slides, wave beach and pool, Water Typhoon Coaster (water roller coaster), glass partitioned pool, mini zoo, special activity areas and many more.  By enabling transfer of the visitors’ movement at every point of Theme Park into digital environment, Ticketaps Ticket Automation System provides management with the full and efficient control.