Who We Are?

We are a leading software development company that is specialized in theme and entertainment park automation systems for more than 20 years. 

What is TicketAps.com?

It is our complete theme and entertainment park automation solution which includes :

  • marketing and contracting,
  • B2B Integrations,
  • ticket, tour and activity sales,
  • ticketbox automation,
  • travel agencies integration,
  • turnstiles,
  • electronic lockers,
  • money deposit units,
  • restuarant and bar pos systems,
  • crm and loyalty,
  • works with all kinds of id systems (faceids, smartcards and writsbands or mobile app) 

Why TicketAps.com ?

  • Simply we offer the best and most comprehensive solution at the lowest cost, it is fully developed and tested in biggest theme parks and it is completely ready to run.
  • We apply the highest technology in programming (Angular 9 in front end and Node JS at server side).
  • Our system is completely web based and can be used in both desktop and mobile devices. It supports linux, windows, android, ios.
  • It can be also hosted either on premise or on cloud.
  • More important than all it has been used by the biggest theme parks in the world and it is tested and optimized to the best performance under very hard working conditions. 


  • Theme Parks
  • Theatre, Opera, Concert Halls
  • Sporting Competitions
  • Museums, Archaeological Site
  • Restaurants
  • Yacht Tours
  • SPA Centres


An Easy and Safe Interface. You can ensure that your guests can easily buy tickets from your website and mobile devices.


  • The ticket is automatically sent to the customer’s phone and e-mail as a contract and barcode.
  • This barcode can be used to automatically gain access to the park.


  • Payments can be made by credit card, debit card, PayPal or from booking offices.
  • We provide integration with all banks to allow payments to be made with instalments on all cards


The customer may automatically reach the profile page by entering Name – Surname, E-mail or Mobile Number.

All transactions are gathered at this profile.

The customer may also completely fill out CRM information, take part in a questioner, leave a comment or state their preferences.


If the customer has been defined by the system, they may automatically earn points from every ticket they have bought.

The customer may also view previous tickets and points and use these points for more shopping.


  • Agencies may buy online tickets with the contract defined to them.
  • They may arrange these tickets with their own logos and send them to their customers.
  • Agencies may make pre-payments by credit card or make payments by credit from their checking account.
  • Agencies may load credits to their checking account with their credit card.

Ticketaps Pos


  • Order taking, preparing, and serving processes can be followed and performance analysis can be done.
  • ElektraWeb POS can be used as an app on mobile devices and on the web browser.
  • It provides digital menu and online ordering functions for the guests.

Cloud Based

  • Your data is always available, safe, and up to date. Our servers are stored in many locations globally.

Fast and Reliable

  • ElektraWeb POS uses minimum network bandwith possible. That’s why even with slow connections, ElektraWeb POS still works fast without any data loss.

For All Your Needs

  • ElektraWeb POS can be used in different types of properties such as hotels, restaurants, bars, retails, and more.
  • By using it on mobile devices, you can take orders and get payments from anywhere within your property.
  • It provides lightning fast search due to fuzzy sorting algorithm. By typing only a few characters, you can find any product you want.
  • With ElektraWeb POS you can:
    • create advanced orders with custom notes, grouped items, and more
    • generate and print custom designed receipts and invoices
    • set custom prices on demand and apply discounts using a certain percentage or a fixed amount
    • take orders at once and send them to the kitchen at separate times
    • access kitchen and waiter screens to keep track of orders and their status without printing anything
    • do split check payments based on selected items or a fixed amount
  • When you give an order, order instructions are automatically sent to the kitchen printers.
  • It provides detailed reports for anything you may need.
  • It has a simple and intuitive user interface.
  • It supports 24/7 customer support.

No Installation Required

  • Since it’s web-based, all you need to do is go to our website.

Works with any Hardware

  • ElektraWeb POS works on all of types of devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and industrial machines.
  • With ElektraWeb POS, you can turn any kind of device into a mobile POS hand terminal and cash register.