1.        Is the programme web-based?

Yes, the program is completely web-based in both interfaces, front office (e.g. sales) and back office (management).

2.        Do you give the XML files carrying the service data directly to us or do we get them from a different institution?

XML services providing data for online travel portals work together with our travel portals, therefore, since they are integrated, you don’t need to get them from a different institution.

3.        Are we expected to pay extra money for the hosting price?

The service we provide includes a website, XML web services, SSL certificate, and the hosting price.

4.        How is the data safety provided? How is backup done? Could you give some information about server usage?

We currently use Amazon web services which is one of the most secure and quality servers in the world. We provide an opportunity of shared usage of the server which costs approximately 36000 Euros per a year.  When you make a contract with us, you not only get the web service but also its hosting, maintenance and backup services.

5.        In B2B sales, can we add a profit markup as amount or percentage to the agencies using our XML services based on our own contract? Also, can we give any commissions?

Yes, you can define profit markup as percentage or amount. Moreover, this profit mark up can be defined as sale, purchase or profit.

6.        For example, when a specific target sale is made, can we offer an extra commission?

Yes, you can do this with a refund discount at the end of any term you want.

7.        Can we create more than one account in the accounting section?

As in all accounting programs, you can create unlimited number of cash, bank, checks, current, stock, income, expense, personnel and tax accounts in the accounting plan and operate them in accordance with your Account Debt – Claims principles. As a result of all sales operations; Purchase, sales, profit and commission accounts automatically operate with the information you provide, and the vouchers for these transactions are generated automatically.

8.        Can we separate our B2B agencies as “on credit” or “on-booking”?

Yes, you can do it with a “current limit” you are going to give them.  If the limit of the open account is 0, they can do all the transactions with the given payment.

9.        Can we offer an alternative solution for “on-request” reservations when they become “not confirmed”? Is there any section where we can enter this info that can be seen by B2B users?

Yes, you can offer this.

10.      By selling our daily tour operations (city tour, Bosphorus tour) through the system can we also do the costing and reporting of the tour guides,transfers,etc?

Yes, you can enter the daily tours into the system and follow operation costs and accounting transactions from the tour module.

11.     Is it possible to send a new message every time the B2B system is used?

Yes, there are message screens at the top of the page and an automated pop-up screen after the first log-in.

12.     Is the programme compatible with other devices such as tablets and mobile phones? Can we use it as an application as well?

Our complete portal solution is compatible with all mobile devices. You can use it as an application.

13.     Is the IOS and Android applications of this system included in the final price or do you charge an extra fee? If you do, what is the cost?

Our system does not have native applications for iOS and Android, but it is compatible with all mobile devices by responsively switching forms to adapt. 

14.     Do we enter the direct sales made by our guides into the system through; tour management>tour reservation screen or another screen?

Yes, end users, sub-agents and agency employees and guides can make direct sales by logging in to the front page of the system. When the user is logged in, the screen changes and it continues to work by giving special authorities to the users.

15.     Can we authorise the back office staff based on department and personnel?  Are there any restrictions to the number of back office users?

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions to the number of Backoffice users.

16.     Who is the addressee in the payment of our XML reservations?

If you contract directly with the XML provider companies, they will be your addressee. If you use our contracts, we will be your addressee.

17.     Is it possible to cancel and change the B2B reservations from back office?

Yes, it is possible. It is also possible to do it according to the reservation. For example, if an on-request reservation has not been notified yet, an authorised sub-agency can cancel it.

18.     Can tour, transfer and extra services be sold separately?

Yes, everything can be sold separately or they can be sold by dynamic packaging.

19.     Can we monitor the agency payments based on the voucher or whole payment?

Yes, you can enter the payments as a whole but we offer you to enter the payment based on voucher because by this way, you can have a chance to monitor available balance.

20.     Is it possible to send a full invoice by reservation or by date to the B2B agencies?

Yes, it is possible.

21.     Can we get the operation and accommodation reports based on check in date/ agency / check-out date/ registration date?

Yes, you can use all of listing and filtering options for all your reports.

22.     Can we use different foreign currencies for more than one service existing in a single voucher? (For example Euro for hotel and USD for tour etc.)

No, unfortunately, you can only use one type of foreign currency in the basket.

23.     Can we give passwords to the hotels? Can they manage contracts and quotas by logging in to the system?

Yes, hotels can manage their own contracts and quotas with a given password.

24.     In order to make a sale; can sub-agencies who were given a B2B code; give a code to their own sub agencies?

Yes, they can give a code to their sub-agencies but they cannot monitor the agency and commission accounts from the system.

25.     Can our agencies get a voucher from B2B reservation page by adding their cards?

Yes, sub-agencies can get their forms from there.

26.     Does the system mail incoming requests to the hotel automatically?

The system can mail the all incoming demands, reservations and payments automatically.

27.     How is the process of reservations added by B2B users in the system? (Waiting, mailing to the hotel, mail confirmation logs, etc.)

After the reservation has been confirmed by B2B user, this procedure is followed:

·         The hotel is informed

·         Confirmation/Rejection is received from the hotel

·         Invoice is received from the hotel

·         Payment is made to the hotel.

You can monitor these statuses in different colours and lists from the reservation monitoring page.

Similar procedure exists also for B2B and End Users:

·         The contract is sent.

·         The payment is received.

·         The invoice is issued.


28.     Billing: How is the billing process? Do we issue an invoice in our own name or your name with a commission? If the second choice is applicable, then what is the commission rate? 

It depends on the supplier system. Generally, you buy the products and the invoice is issued to you. For the sales you make through your website; you issue the invoice to the end user based on the sale price. In some situations, e.g. Expedia dealership, Expedia receives the payment from the end user and issues the invoice; then you need to issue the commission invoice.

29.     Service Portfolio; Do we have to deal individually with the providers? Is the cost of implementation standard or does it increase according to the number of institutions reached? (Y lira for 10,000 hotels, X lira for 50,000 hotels, etc.)

We have already made agreements with a large number of service providers, and we also have the right to use these products for you. You can sell these products without making any agreements, and you are not charged for commissions. As a result of your own private contracts, if you want to work with custom commissions and prices, you need to enter your username and password into the integration part of that company. Apart from the companies we provide and the ones you have a contract with, you can define any number of products you want from our online travel portal.

30.     When it comes to sales, do you require any collateral, an agreement with another entity or a similar payment or application to claim?

        Your purchase will be made online with your credit card, and your payment will be made to your bank account or credit card account by the end user. You do not have to pay us a guarantee for this. You should only have a credit card defined in the system that you have set the limit.

31.     After a clear decision on investment, how long do we have to wait for the system to become available (Publish)?

You need to wait at least 15 days, approximately a month or maximum 45 days to get a usable system. The time limit is mostly for testing, defining the XML data and service agreements, user training, bank connections.

32.     What kind of company do we need to establish? Is it required to be a tourism agency and have TURSAB membership?

Being a tourism agency and having a TURSAB membership (for Turkish companies) are the legal obligations.

33.     How can we achieve the integration of the virtual POS of a bank in Iran we work with?

It is enough for you to send us the documents required for the integration.

34.     Is there any responsive application for mobile phones and tablets where the tour guides can enter sales into the system when the sale is being made?

Yes, they will be able to use the interface.

35.     We would like our prices and reservations will be seen in B2B even if we do not have enough contingent. Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible.

36.     Is there any notice board where we can present our promotions and important notes to the B2B users?

Yes, we have the options of pop-up and message screens in B2B.

37.     Is there an compatible application for tablets and mobile phones where our tour guides can enter their tour sales into the system?

Yes, they will be able to use the interface functionally.

38.     Is there a quota for the number of B2B users?

No, there is no quota imposed on the number of users.

39.     If we make XML agreements with you or if we make our own agreements, do you charge an extra fee?

No, we do not charge any fee but if you would like to have a different integration apart from our standard XML integrations, we charge a software improvement fee for once.

40.     When a hotel is reserved in terms of Euro and a tour is reserved in terms of USD, can we show their prices in the same currency in the basket? Which currency does the system accept? Or is there a standard currency?

Of course every product can be reserved in terms of different currencies. When they are added to the basket, the user can see the total price in terms of any currency.

41.     Can we receive the hotel prices which we have entered in the system in Excel or PDF ?

Yes, the system can send data to Excel. Also it can receive the columns which have their own titles. Besides, you can get the reports in PDF format.

42.     What is the cost to integrate a third party API?

As stated in the Price Table, “Special XML Connection” cost is €5000 (per API), but undoubtedly, if you need to integrate more APIs, special discounts will be applied.

(Please take a look at our price table, which can also be accessed through our main site: https://www.travelaps.com/get-started/price-table)

43.     Will you take care of all integration related tasks i.e. obtain permission from the supplier to integrate their API, get technical specs and credentials & handle all required development work?

If you want to use your own account with a new supplier, then you should make an agreement with them and leave the rest of the technical work to us.  But if you don’t specifically need this agreement to be done on your name, then you can use our own suppliers.

44.     Can this be any type of travel supplier e.g. an airline, hotel chain, attraction provider, car rental company or cruise line?

Yes, sure.

45.     Can various forms of payment be used for e.g. credit card and direct debit for B2C in one market and money transfer for B2B and a different form of mixed payment in another country?

Yes, that’s possible. Several payment methods can be mixed, such as credit card, bank transfer, pay after services, etc. as long as these payment methods are available in the corresponding countries.

46.     If the portal/ platform resides in the USA with USD, how does sales in multi currencies get reconciled and how do exchange rates get managed?

In such a case, all transactions will be in USD, but visual representation can be in any currency through an automatic currency conversion based on the international exchange rates.

47.     Is there a restriction on how many currencies (points of sales) we can use? Is there a charge to add currencies? 

Our system already supports all the worldwide currencies. Therefore, you will probably never have to add any other currencies. But even if there is a new currency in the world, adding it to our system can be easily managed by us and certainly you will not be charged anything in return.

48.     What is the cost for website translations into different languages other than English?

Our system supports multi currency and multi language. There are many frequently used languages already translated and in use but, whenever a new language is required the cost is the translation of an excel worksheet containing about 7000 words or phrases.

49.     Which forms of payment are considered ‘other secure online payment forms’?

We consider almost all popular legal online payment systems which are available globally or locally within the countries, e.g. PayPal, Google Wallet, Skrill, Bitpay, etc.

50.     Can all payment forms be used in any country, considering that in our case the ‘master’ portal would be based in the USA? 

Yes, as long as that payment form is legally available in that country. But for example if a payment method (say PayPal) is not available in a country, naturally it won’t be possible for the customer to make payments via PayPal since it doesn’t have a legal agreement with the banks in that country.

51.     What’s the cost to integrate the forms of payment and what’s the ongoing running cost for each? 

You can freely use our current forms of payment. Also, we can make a new integration with a new payment form for free if it is a well-known payment method.  Besides, if you are obliged to use a specific payment method in USA, we can integrate it for free again. But for an extraordinary and rarely used payment form, normally it costs €3000 as stated in our Price Table, “Extra Service and Operation Management”. We can negotiate the prices based on our mutual business collaboration level with you.

52.     How about US American banks? We don’t have an account with a Turkish bank.

If you use Travelaps, we will develop the interface with the US banks in a very short time if the technical documents are provided. We will do it freely up to 3 banks. More integration may require extra charges.

53.     Can you guarantee that dynamic packaging is possible between all integrated suppliers?

Yes, dynamic packaging is already available in our system. We provide packaging for all types of traveling services as long as they are compatible with XML Integration.

54.     Can static packages be built (and displayed) with content from integrated suppliers?

Yes, you can build your own packages and set your own fixed price according to the combined services of your suppliers.

55.     Is there a restriction to how many sub-agencies we have? 

No, there are not any restrictions.

56.     Can country specific rules be set e.g. different forms of payment or deposit periods? 

Currently we do not have country specific rules for sub-agencies. But we can make a special development for that purpose. We can group sub-agencies according to their countries or on another criteria and we can define payments according to their groups. For instance, group A can do payments only with credit cards, group B can pay later by credit card and so on.

57.     Can content be adjusted per sub-agency e.g. agency 1 gets access to supplier a,b,c and agency 2 gets access to suppliers d,e,f? 

Currently we do not have such an improvement but again, we can make it free for you.

58.     Can different pricing be applied for different sub-agencies, even within the same market (country)?

Of course, this is possible and it is available. All of the sub-agencies get different commissions from each item, they have different markup rates.

59.     What’s the cost for each white label and what precisely does it include i.e. only front end booking engine or also access to customized back end admin tool?

It is free.

60.     Can you confirm that the same product e.g. predefined package, can be sold in a range of countries in different currencies, paid by various payment methods and with different margins and all be transacted via US based portal in USD?

Yes, we can definitely confirm that.

61.     What services do you charge for? Only as per https://www.travelaps.com/get-started/price-table or are there other, additional fees e.g. monthly usage, transaction fees etc?

We do not charge for transaction fees for monthly usage. The standard online travel portal is 3000 euro for the first year. For the next years, you will pay 20% the previous amount.

62.     Is your company’s business the development of travel technology or are you a distributor (wholesaler) of travel products with access to a technology portal?

We are not a distributor. We are a software company and we produce software for travel market. Travelaps is one of our products.

63.     What is your role in the relationship with the suppliers? Do you purely distribute their content or do you add a markup?

We do not add a markup. The mark up amount that you have agreed with the suppliers will be valid for your business. We have a mediator role between you and suppliers. We technically connect you with them.

64.     Do you offer integrated search i.e. could we use our own website and only integrate your search?

Yes, you can use your own website and we can integrate our search. Also, we can build a new customized website for you.

65.     Could we add static pages to your current front end (website)?

Yes, it is possible. We can add static pages.