XML/API Connection

Connect to many XML providers
One of the most important characteristic of automation systems we developed for the agencies is the XML integration with more than 22 online suppliers. Our system can compare and choose the best ones.
With TravelAps’ online travel portal, your company will be able to
add its own travel services as well as the services of from companies
combine and sell all these services in packages according to user preferences
connect to supplier’s databases without connecting to their systems. 
API connection is the safest way of acquiring data.
Main features of XML/API connection:
Configurable – you can turn any XML connection on and off anytime you want as well as you can choose which of the services provided by suppliers you would like to use
Optimizable – the system has a possibility to compare prices of the same item from a few different sources and show only the cheapest one
Expandable – whenever we add a new XML supplier you will immediately have an access to their services; if you prefer adding your own ones you can easily do so for a small fee.