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Travelaps For Travel Agents is a low-cost and fast-start online selling solution for travel agencies, tour operators and hotel chains. It is a cloud system with many extraordinary features : 

Dynamic Packaging

You can sell your hotels, flights, tours and transfer by dynamically packing them together with the XML services coming from different suppliers all around the world.

XML Connectivity

Travelaps can connect several XML providers at the same time and compare them with each other. Also it can list the best ones selected from the providers together with your own services.

B2B, B2C and B2E Sales

Travelaps can be used for B2B, B2C and B2E purposes. After log-in, functions and configuration change automatically thus you can define different prices and working rules for different sectors.

Integrated BackOffice

The most important advantages of Travelaps are its comprehensive back office, flexible contract management, fully-integrated accounting, and CRM, CMS, Digital Marketing and Hotel extranet modules.

Entertainment and Theme Parks Automation System

Entertainment and theme parks that sell tickets are technological subdivisions that enable cultural, artistic or sports fields to carry out reservation, sales, payment, barcode automatic entry processes on online platforms

Visitors can easily purchase tickets from both the web page and mobile devices

Ticket is automatically provided to the customer as a contract or barcode in his phone or e-mail, and automatic entry is made through the access systems

Payment can be made with credit card, debit card, PayPal or “pay at service” option

As a member of the system, visitors can make survey, comment, choose their preferences, earn and spend their bonus automatically
Special contracts can be defined for your agencies. So they can buy tickets online and send them online with their own logo.

Travelaps For Hotels

One of the worldwide well-known travel portal solution Travelaps now provides a professional booking engine and channel manager for both individual and group hotels.

Call Center Sales Management

Your call center, which is your private telephone number, will be opened with 3 private announcements. With your call center you can make online reservations and receive online payments.

Booking Engine

Our booking engine offers your guests a quick and reliable reservation experience and runs on PC, smart phones or tablets.

Channel Manager

Travelaps has an integrated channel manager functionality; it allows hoteliers to simultaneously update availability and rates in all channels and receive online reservations.

B2B Sales

You can provide rates and availability to your travel agents and can receive online reservations . Travel companies can login by their supplied password and make reservations according to contracts.

PMS Clients

There are more than 3000 hotels using our Elektra PMS Software directly connected to Travelaps. In a very short time Travelaps booking engine and channel manager will be available to all our partner hotels.

Medical Tourism

Travelaps Medical Tourism System is comprised of a web site for patients and agencies to obtain information and a program prepared for organizations to monitor and manage requests

Corporate Promotion

Promotes specialties and treatments offered by your organization, your doctors, contracted insurance companies and certificates with photos and key words in 12 languages and registers you to search engines

Online Appointment and Quotation

Allows patients to make appointments and receive quotations for any treatment or procedure

Cooperation With Agencies

Allows travel agencies interested in health tourism, overseas health institutions and doctors to refer patients against a commission

Patient Tracking System

Tracks and contacts patients who ask for quotation or appointment, registers their contact and address information. Checks black lists or VIP lists, sends previous treatment and test documents in the digital environment

Hotel-Flight Query and Reservation

Lists hotels and flights for patients with the best price guarantee. Online reservation is possible

Why choose

Because it offers the most comprehensive travel portal solution with the lowest cost in the minimum time.


Comprehensive Solution

We provide the most competent solution with B2B, B2C and B2E sales, integrated back office and a very improved XML/API configuration which makes a travel agency to go online easily.

Quick Start and Low Cost

It provides low-cost because the all XML connections and reservation engines have been tested and confirmed for several times. All working parameters can be configured and all user designs and screen designs can be redesigned.

Superior Support

We provide the world class support together with new XML connections and free updates.

Latest Technology

We provide the most improved programming technology (MVC.Net & JS & HTML5), XML services and database management (MSSQL 2015) and our system runs into Amazon Cloud Servers.

What people say

I would like to express my gratitude to TravelAps for all their support and help; the team members are exemplars of kind treatment and professionals on their work. I am very grateful and glad because I chose to work with you. Many thanks.


Suay Tour

After reviewing a number of technology solutions, we chose Travelaps as the most reasonable solution. It is not easy to find a system that is able to plan the entire trip taking into account the flight, accommodation, transfer to the hotel, however, I think that travelaps works well in each of these areas in addition at an affordable price. We are pleased that we bought the software that adapts itself to our growing requirements. We appreciate the cooperation with this company so that we can always count on a reliable approach to our needs.

Şükrü Üzel

724 Transfer

As a travel company taking the first steps in the industry we needed a good start. The software that we received from the travelaps was a hit. As a result, we had a chance to come in the world of tourism. Thanks to the choice of many XML providers we could start our business almost immediately.

İsmet Konu

İsko Tour

We decided to improve the efficiency of our company, so we were looking for some software that could help us do that. Due to such a large amount of the combination of the hotels and airlines that Travelaps holds doing business has become a lot easier and the opportunities wider. It would be much more difficult without their comprehensive product.


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By using TravelAps they provide the highest quality at the lowest costs. Simply, this advantage makes them the best in their specialized field of travel industry.
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