Functional and Creative

All data related to reservation, occupancy and daily prices can be reached on one page and with one click reservation can be completed. Such functionality makes work much easier and because you are able to see daily occupancy and rates, there is no need to use additional availability calendars or price tables. With creative solutions from your company will be unsurpassed and expansion into the international market will become very easy.
Examples of our creative and functional solutions
there is the ability to search for hotels located nearby tapping the map in a specific place. You will see the whole circle on the map with many hotels found there
looking at all hotels showed on the map there is enough to point exact one with computer mouse so then it becomes first one on the list. You do not need to browse through several pages to find the one that you are interested in
our preference list can be the thing that your customers will love. If they enjoyed their stay they can add hotel to the list that system will remember. This will save time when searching for the next time. Our searching engine is fully adjusted to you customer’s needs.
These are not all of our solutions, but the best way to find out about them is by trying
Our portals are much more developed than other ones and features invented by us very unique.