An Easy, Fast and Effective Solution in Medical Tourism


Granted with worldwide awards in online reservation and sales systems, Travelaps offers a professional promotion and online sales system in medical tourism.

The system has been prepared by examining operational mechanisms of world’s prominent health tourism portals and determining the needs of healthcare professionals. It is also effectively used by, the official health tourism portal of TURSAF (Turkish Health Tourism Federation) as well as many public and private organizations. 

Travelaps Medical Tourism System is comprised of;

  • A web site for patients and agencies to obtain information and register, and   
  • A program prepared for organizations to monitor and manage requests. 


The most accurate “search words” are selected according to the analyses of past searches to list your organization among the tops in online searches and records are prepared accordingly. Therefore, you maximize your visibility in the digital world.


You receive the necessary infrastructure for freelance doctors, private polyclinics, branch centers, hospitals or agencies all over the world to refer patients to you. The only thing you have to do is to provide them with a user name and a password.



SSL secure page structure is used. It has worldwide PCI DSS certification for online payments and SPICE certification which is required for hospital automations in Turkey. You organization does not have to complete any additional procedures.


You can digitally archive all patient information in a single platform. Therefore, you can easily manage your CRM and digital marketing processes.


You can offer a complete service by offering patients whole solutions for their flight, accommodation or transfer needs.

You start taking direct appointments from patients all over the world.

It’s not technological if it’s not easy…


You only need to fill out multiple choice forms including specialty, treatment, insurance and certification prepared by professionals and upload your corporate information and photos for the most effective online promotion.

In only a few minutes, you will have a web site which promotes your organization in 12 languages according to the most searched criteria for health tourism. You can embed this web site into your own web site or use it on a different address. You can have it used by agencies in addition to direct patients.


  • Corporate Promotion

Promotes your organization with photos and key words in 12 languages and registers you to search engines.

  • Specialties

Promotes your specialties specific to your organization in any language and prepared key words for search engines.

  • Treatments

Provides information about treatments you offer under every specialty and the number of your operations, specialists doctors and standard package prices.

  • Doctors

Promotes your staff, especially doctors with their resume and photos, special education and certificates.

  • Insurance

Provides information about the health insurances and social security institutions contracted by your organization, allows your organization to be listed in online searches for these insurance companies.

  • Certificates

Provides information about the standard documents, certificates and quality controls of your organization.

  • Additional Units

Provides information about the units, equipments  and departments of your organization.

  • Hotel Query and Reservation

Lists accommodation facilities for patients treated at your organization with the best price guarantee and locations on the map. Online reservation is possible.

  • Flight Query and Reservation

Lists all flights around the world for your organization, online reservation is possible.

  • Patient Information

Records Patient Name, Surname, Contact and Address information. Makes black list or VIP list checks.

  • Previous Tests

Allows for sending documents for previous tests and treatments of the patient in the digital environment.

  • Appointment

Allows patients to make appointments for any treatment or procedure. 

  • Quotations

Allows patients to have quotations for any treatment or procedure.

  • Payments

Allows for patients to make payments to the bank account of your organization through online transfer or debit card. It can be the treatment package price or only the down payment.

  • Patient Files

Creates patient files including accommodation, flight and treatment costs to be submitted to related organizations. This file can be reported in 12 languages and 89 different currencies.

  • Visa Forms

Creates necessary forms and petitions for Turkish visa for patients.

  • Payment Forms

Creates necessary payment forms for money transfer of patients.

  • Invoices

Creates invoices or proforma invoices for accommodation, flight and treatment costs of patients. This invoice can be arranged in any format in 12 languages and 89 different currencies.

  • Patient Tracking System

Allows for tracking and contacting patients who ask for quotations or appointments.

  • Automatic E-mail

Automatically informs you with e-mail about any requests for appointment or quotation from patients or agencies and repeats until it is marked read.

  • Automatic SMS

Automatically informs you with SMS about any requests for appointment or quotation from patients or agencies and repeats until it is marked read.

  • Online Messaging

Offers instant messaging with patients and agencies on your web site and reports conversations.

  • Cooperation With Agencies

Allows travel agencies interested in health tourism, overseas health institutions and doctors to refer patients against a commission. You can start receiving requests from all over the world with the corporate entry feature.

  • Google Analytics

Offers detailed analyses about the visitors to your medical tourism page. You can see how many visitors visit your page on a daily basis, which treatment they are interested in for how long and how frequently they contact you.

  • Reliable

SSL secure page structure is used. It has worldwide PCI DSS certification for online payments and SPICE certification which is required for hospital automations in Turkey.