What is Travelaps.com?
It is a travel portal solution for travel agencies who want to move their business online.
Who We Are?
We are a leading software development company that is specialized in travel portal development , xml connectivity, reservation booking engines . Our team is composed of travel industry professionals, academics and specialized IT developers.
What We Do?
We cooperate with almost all world wide whole salers and make our travel portal XML/API connectable to all.
When a travel company wants to have a complete solution for selling its own travel services (i.e. hotel, flight, transfer or tours) dynamically integrated to XML providers our cloud application is a perfect solution.
Because registering to our cloud system and configuring all XML and payment services according to company credentials is enough to integrate all world.
On the other hand we provide very functional but easy user interface for entering and managing its own contracts .
Last thing to do is to direct its domain to travelaps.com servers and start selling online.
Our servers are in Amozon Web Services so they are very fast, their uptime is the highest in the world and secure.
What We Offer?
We offer your travel company an online travel portal with XML connection to world hotels, flights, transfers and tours.
Why Us?
Simply we offer the best solution at lowes cost. Because TravelAps is the most comprehensive online travel portal solutionwith latest technology and a great variety of XML services and an integrated back office system. On the other hand our solution is very reliable and affordable since it is used in hundreds of online portals upto now meaning it is tested and tuned to best performance and development cost is almost none for new buyers.