Travelaps ile acentelerinize ve çalıştığınız kurumlara 7 gün 24 saat doluluk ve fiyat göndererek eş zamanlı olarak rezervasyon alabilen bir satış sistemidir. Acente ve kurumlarınıza özel fiyat ve ödeme şekli tanımlayıp,login olmaları için şifre gönderebilirsiniz. Böylece birçok acenteya fiyat ve müsaitlik hakkında size dönmeden 7 gün 24 saat garantili rezervasyon yaptırma şansınız olacaktır


Effortless and Productive Collaboration with Agencies (B2B)

·        You can expose your hotel for online sale  for 800 thousand agency.

·        You can accept the application of online agencies and receive online application by encrypted log-in.

·        As you can identify contracts, actions and  discounts in details, you can also expose the hotels which

you work on a request for sale,based on a commission rate from online prices.

·        You can accept the payments as explicit current account, credit card or transfer.

·        If you wish, you can accept online reservations through XML by giving the availabilities and prices

to the hotels  with XML.




Easy and Fast Reservation on One Screen

·        Offering an easy and fast reservation  experience is the most important feature of Travelaps.

·        Highly simple and functional user –interface has been designed in order to actualise this feature.

·        Accessing the daily price and availability through one screen.

·        Highlighting the discounts and promotions.

·        Contact request, navigation,  weather forecast and online support.

·        Accessing  comments through  reservation page.

·        Making a reservation by a single click.

·        Making a reservation for  different room types and periods  through the same screen.



Market-Based Pricing, Multiple Language and Currency

·        Market- based price and stop sell can be identified.

·        If you wish, you can offer a price included flight and transfer.

·        Operating with  40 different languages and 80 different  currency.



Detailed Contract Structure

The detailed structure of contracts provides an easier understanding of all contracts and discounts.

Related agencies can download these contracts by log-in with a password.

In the structure of these contracts  there are some beneficial features such as,

·        Reservation sales period

·        Check-in/ Check-out Days

·        Maximum / Minimum Lenght of Staying

·        Types of Prices such as Refundable/ Non-refundable Prices

·        Discounts on either percentage or amount.

·        Promotions such as stay 7 days, pay for 6 days (Either fist day or last day and average options)

·        Discount lists, compatible discounts with the contracts.

·        Identifying market- based contract and discount

·        Specifying three different age groups of children. Different price and discounts for the first and

the second children.

·        Stop sell  based on agency, market and room type.

·        Stop sell based on check-in or check-out.

Bundle Sales together with Flight+Transfer+Activity

·        Bundling of flighttransfer and other activities through the hotel reservation portal.

·        Accessing all airports with the most reasonable price.

·        Private and Public Airport-Hotel transfers.